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Touch H2 gas detector alarm

Touch H2 gas detector alarm

Especially designed to manage fixed gas detectors, gas detection controllers are made to ensure a complete protection (24 hours a day) against gas hazards. They feature alarm relays to control alarms (audible and/or visual signals) and actuators (gas solenoid valves, main LV board shutdown, forced ventilation…) in order to fin de secure an area.

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  • High quality micro clip gas detection unit
    High quality micro clip gas detection unit

    REDVIE PROJECTS - Supplier, Exporter, Trader, Wholesaler, Distributor, Manufacturer of Fire Hose Boxes, Leather Gloves, Barricading Tapes, PVC Shoes, Ceramic Vermiculite Blankets, etc. and provides Fire Suppression System Services, Fire Hydrant Systems Services, etc. We are one of the best companies to provide these services and products from our company which is located at Delhi, India

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  • micro Formaldehyde gas detection tubes
    micro Formaldehyde gas detection tubes

    RAE Systems 10-121-05 Colorimetric Gas Detection Tube, Formaldehyde, 0.1-5 ppm. Get fast delivery when you order today on

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  • new chlorine gas Alarm Device
    new chlorine gas Alarm Device

    The toxic gas detector GasBadge Pro ATEX series with interchangeable sensor. With a competitive price, this ATEX portable gas detector with interchangeable sensor combines power and flexibility. Detection of Cl2, ClO2, CO, HCN, H2, H2S, NH3, NO2, O2, PH3, SO2. Segmented LCD display for easy and direct reading.

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  • multifunctional natural gas detection equipment
    multifunctional natural gas detection equipment

    UEi Test Instruments CD100A - CD100A, Combustible Gas Leak Detector - The CD100A is the perfect serviceman's tool designed to detect combustible gas leaks in residential and small commercial applications. Semiconductor sensor responds instantaneously to all combustible gases. The easily adjusted, steady tic rate can be used in tight quarters where others might not fit.

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  • oem PH3 gas analyzer
    oem PH3 gas analyzer

    - Integrated analyzer with 3 modules on single mounting plate/bracket: electronic, interferometer, and gas cell - 19 ½ " standard rack or wall mount - Swagelok™ connector fittings to fit 1/4-inch tubing for inlet and outlet of cell - Sample cell: 1-liter volume, heatable (up to 200C), resistant mirrors, aluminum body

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  • enervac combustible gas detection system
    enervac combustible gas detection system

    Gas Detection and Alarm Systems Gas Detector With Display. Gas Detection and Alarm Systems Gas Detector with Display. Gas Detected Combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. Display 4-digit digital LED display. Diffusion type gas detector …

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  • Brochure 2 in 1 gas leakage detector
    Brochure 2 in 1 gas leakage detector

    2 in 1 Gas Detector, Plug-in Home Natural Gas/Methane/Propane/CO Alarm, Leak Sensor Detector with Voice Promp and LED Display Visit the store:

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  • Methanal solution gas detection system
    Methanal solution gas detection system

    Fixed Gas Detection Honeywell Fixed Gas Detection Riken Keiki Fixed Gas Detection GDS Technologies Fixed Gas Detection Bacharach Fixed Gas Detection Crowcon Fixed Gas Detection Interscan Fixed Gas Detection Fixed Gas Detection Systems Single Point 1-4 channel 1-10 channel Addressable sytems up to 32 Addressable systems up to 64 Sampling Systems ...

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  • enervac O3 gas detector alarm
    enervac O3 gas detector alarm

    <pSingle Gas Detector, Gas Type O3, Detects Ozone, Sensor Range 0 to 1 ppm, Resolution 0.02 ppm, Housing Color Black, Operating Temp. Range -4 Degrees to 122 Degrees F, Alarm Setting Adjustable, Alarm Type Audible, Visual, Vibrating, Battery Type Lithium, Battery Life 2 yr., Display LCD, Interchangeable Sensors No, Height 3-15/32 In., Width 2-7/16 In., Depth 1-19/64 In., Standards …

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  • gasbanor multi gas Alarm Device
    gasbanor multi gas Alarm Device

    With our multi gas detectors you can measure up to 7 hazardous substances at once - toxic and flammable gases, as well as vapours and oxygen. The portable multi gas monitors are mainly intended for personal air monitoring but can also be used for clearance measurement (with special accessories) and even for area monitoring. Furthermore, for frequent testing of very low concentrations of toxic and …

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  • Cambridge cl2
    Cambridge cl2

    Dear Leica, please make us a mini SL2 with IBIS weather sealing. Still with APS-C sensor within the CL body. It can be a bit bigger. I don't mind. Actually it is a bit too small. As I have to add a grip and a thumb rest, for better handling. Please find a way to use the same battery as SL-Q...

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  • tif O3 gas sensor
    tif O3 gas sensor

    Portable Ozone gas detector, applied for the O3 gas detection with high accuracy and fast response, measuring range from 0 to 10ppm / 20ppm / 50ppm for your selection, real-time LCD display, give sound, light vibrating alarm, small size, light weight, convenient to carry and affordable price.

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  • fluke 3m gas leakage detector
    fluke 3m gas leakage detector

    Radiation detectors for safety quality assurance is top of mind for hospitals, nuclear power facilities, nuclear medicine laboratories, x-ray manufacturers, government agencies, state inspectors, emergency response HAZMAT teams, and police and fire departments around the world.

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  • order toxic gas leak detection
    order toxic gas leak detection

    Provides fixed point, parts per million leak detection in ambient air with audible and high visibility alarm indicators. Available with one or two sensors for 11 toxic gases and low Oxygen levels. (1) 4-20mA output per sensor, auto scaled to the operating range.

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  • Mikrosensorik home gas module
    Mikrosensorik home gas module

    OverviewCausesDiagnosisPreventionTreatmentRadon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is invisible, odorless, and tasteless. It comes from the radioactive decay of radium, an element found in most rocks and soils. Radon can enter a building from the ground underneath it, and concentrate to tens or even hundreds of times the level in outdoor air.See more on doh.wa.govManufactured Mobile Home Gas Furnaces | mobile home gas furnace works much like a furnace for a regular home. These central heating units use the home's ductwork to quickly deliver cozy heat while costing far less to operate than an electric furnace. However, mobile homes and trailers require a specialty furnace design due to their limited space.

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  • Highly sensitive EX gas detection equipment
    Highly sensitive EX gas detection equipment

    The Viper Vantage OGI System offers the best enterprise solution for gas leak detection. Visualize and pinpoint gas leaks without the need to shut down the operation. The operator can inspect quickly and with ease by using a trusted and familiar UAV system. The Viper Vantage Solution combines the top of the line flight performance and simple setup with the highly sensitive leak detection capability of the FLIR …

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  • top h2s gas detection tubes
    top h2s gas detection tubes

    The GASTEC standard detector tube system consists of the GV-100S pump and GV-110S gas detection tubes. The detector tube method permits a simple, quick, and economical analysis at the working site. The tubes are also very easy to store because of their long shelf life of nearly 3 years.

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  • TRANSORFILTER bosean gas instrument
    TRANSORFILTER bosean gas instrument

    K-400 Multi Gas Dectector. K-400 portable gas detector with large LCD. It can monitor CO, H2S,O2 and combustible simultaneously.

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  • Mikrosensorik HCL
    Mikrosensorik HCL

    Adding HCl led at 500 &C, 20 Torr to a significant decrease (from 7.8 down to 4.2 nm.min-1) of the growth rate, together with a significant Ge concentration increase (from 35 % up to 55 %). Finally, we have investigated the 500 &C, 20 Torr growth of heavily in-situ boron …

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  • High-precision Methanal solution Gas Concentration 160 Detector
    High-precision Methanal solution Gas Concentration 160 Detector

    Methanol, also known as methyl alcohol amongst other names, is a chemical with the formula C H 3 O H (a methyl group linked to a hydroxyl group, often abbreviated MeOH). It is a light, volatile, colourless, flammable liquid with a distinctive alcoholic odour similar to that of ethanol. A polar solvent, methanol acquired the name wood alcohol because it was once produced chiefly by the ...

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